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Mother of bride dressing mistakes that you need to avoid

Mother of bride dressing mistakes that you need to avoid

Being the mother of the bride you would want the wedding day of your daughter to be the perfect day for her. It’s not only the bride to whom this day is important but for a mother it is equally important as she sees her daughter getting settles in her life so to make sure the day of your daughter wedding goes as planned is your responsibility, as a mother of bride there are not much of the wedding responsibilities in you except to mingle and look perfect for her. SO here are few dressing mistakes that you canavoid completely

Wearing a whitecolour

White colour and any such colour like ivory, champagne, cream,andoff-white are the colours of the bride so no other guest at the wedding should wear the white colourexcept the flower girl. Being the mother of bride you would know that it is a mistake you should completely avoid making. No matter how beautiful the white colours dress that you have set eyes on looks but still it is not yourcolour to wear on the wedding of yourdaughter.

Wearing a redcolour

Just like the white colour red colour should also be avoided because being the mother of the bride you have to look decent and these colours like red are not the colours for you. You can wear other colours in the same tone as maroon, burgundy and other such colours but not the exact red colour. If you really like red you can wear deep cranberry becauseamong the other pastel colours of the bridesmaid you wouldn’t want to look too flashy in the wedding pictures.

Dressing like bridesmaid

You cannot dress exactly like the bridesmaids. You can look for the mother of the bride gowns in the same tone like if they are wearing lavender you can wear a dark purple colour. You can have the same dress type of it is appropriate for your age as there are many short mothers of the bride dresses you can look for but try not wearing the exact same attire a the bridesmaids. You have to look different and being the mother of bride you don’t want to look like bridesmaids

Ignoring the dress code

Ignoring the dress code is a big no-no for not only the mother of the bridebut also all the other wedding guests and the people who are part of the wedding. Dress code must be followed and if you have no idea on what to wear on such wedding themes you need to get the help of your own daughter or even the bridesmaids as they can help you with that.

Inappropriate attire

You have to dress modest being the mother of the bride and should wear something that looks good on the women of your age. Even if you are young you are playing the role of mother of the bride so it’s your duty to wear something appropriate to that.
Avoid all these mistakes and you are good to go to your daughter’s wedding

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