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Do you consider Vaping as a safe choice during the course of pregnancy?

Do you consider e cigarettes during pregnancy as a viable choice? Let us now proceed straight away to what Vaping and pregnancy 2018 has to offer. Though a lot of people may consider it as a healthy choice, but no would be the best piece of advice. The reason being that it is not safe.  Medical experts do not suggest it during the tenure of pregnancy. For the matter of fact it is suggested that you keep away from all types of smoking when you are pregnant. There are a lot of helplines in place that renders valuable piece of advice to pregnant women.

When you use nicotine it does pose a lot of risks to pregnant women particularly from the safety point of view. The chances of sudden infant syndrome could rise up with the use of nicotine when pregnant. There does exist a myth that Vaping during pregnancy does prove to be a safe bet than use of electronic cigarettes. But based on the evidence we have on the subject a different story emerges. When you use electronic cigarettes during the tenure of pregnancy it is as equal as smoking tobacco when pregnant. The vapour that tends to emerge would cause considerable harm to the coordination, memory skills or learning abilities in kids. Babies do lack in terms of attention and this you can compare it to babies of mothers who are into smoking regular cigarettes.

A point worthy in this regard would be that the research was on mice. It does go on to prove that a considerable amount of damage was done on the nervous system of the mice. In recent time there has been a lot of research done on the subject of electronic cigarettes and vaps so it is quite clear that there are certain protocols to suggest what is the recommended level of nicotine in various tobacco products. The reputed brands would reveal the total quality along with the contents of the products. But the sad part is that some brands do not follow the license protocols. So be sure about the license requirements before you opt for purchase one.

The contents of an e cigarette does vary on a brand to brand basis. This depends upon the amount of nicotine that is part of it .Some of the contents are as follows

  • Vegetable glycerine- this is made from coconut or palm oil. This is a typical source of addiction in fruits. If you do consume it in large amounts this could be a source of nausea or vomiting
  • Propylene Glycol- it does fall into the same class of alcohol and you can term it as a synthetic chemical. You can compare it to the class of chemical or cosmetic products. As it has a melting point so it works out to be a coolant substance

The above two are ok in terms of consumption, but no studies have been conducted in terms of inhlation.

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