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Disadvantages of Alcohol

Disadvantages of Alcohol

Alcohol is damaging for the people in many disadvantages. The first of all drinking alcohol people lost plenty of money, they have to invest either their own or can’t discover out more since drinking alcohol they waste the time to lay back and discuss with friends from beginning until finish. The second drinking plenty of alcohol is very harmful for health, it can ruin stomach, lung, liver, and heart and it is also strike the brain, when they are older the remembrance will be underneath than non-drinking.

From here when they are boozed we can’t assume something faster or realise to discover the solution particularly when they get into an issue. The brain’s ceil will be curtailed periodically. After drinking extreme alcohol also lessen the energy and anti- virus that are simple to attack by the disease. The third alcohol is a flame to bring dispute to people, sometime fights happen between friend and friend, family and family, wife and husband, they have no self-assurance and can’t manage their feel need to powerful and firm and dare to strike each other or hit their wife and children so the family will lose the fame in the society and children compel to leave the school simply then go to discover money to manage family in stride of parents. It also brings the calmness to the country, people challenge to kill each other, kill parents or wife when woman boozes challenges to do something unusual from the conventional or ethics because of money.

So the protectiveness will be hard to manage the country than normal days and there will be several thieves they booze at mostly in regular basis, so they can’t manage the feeling then go to rob something certainly for money.

The fourth as you are aware that presently almost every accidence occur because of the alcohol when people booze they challenge to break the traffic rules and regulations drive or ride motorbike very swiftly without self-managing, they perceive they don’t drunk and need to show bragging so it is simple to acquire accidence and die without condition, that happen depression to family and left plenty of widow and nonparents children it is very hard case for the family to deal with.

In conclusion as we are aware there are plenty of disadvantages about alcoholism that block up and ruin all people aim in life. So we are a new age people we have to flee from this sort of drug just we can reside in longer life without injury from the disease  and can grow our country as one sentence say that If  we desire to grow the country we have to grow the people first, when people don’t booze they will not hit or in order of the outer disease, they think about every-thing and have the imagination to create through the technology as other enhanced country in the world and this message also inquire the government to curtail producing the and drinking alcohol in our country.

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