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Gum pain, how to treat it

Gum pain can occur at any age, being perhaps more frequent in adult ages. It is a type of pain that can be very annoying and that we should not go through the high and that the gum have a key role in our mouth.

Its function is to protect the bone and keep the teeth together to the jaws and, at the same time, serves as an anchoring mechanism. They are formed by a compact tissue, while sensitive and its color is usually pale pink.


There are a number of risk factors that decisively influence their appearance and it is important to know them in order to avoid their appearance. The most frequent causes of gum pain are:


Smoking is very bad for health and specially for your oral health to prevent from oral diseases. Nicotine and the rest of tarred derivatives are, along with smoke, very irritating to the oral mucosa.

Changes in the hormonal cycle

In women, variations of certain types of hormones throughout the menstrual cycle can cause great problems in the mouth, gums and mucous membranes. This decreases your ability to respond to infections.

Bad oral hygiene

You find some of the main reasons for injuries of the oral mucosa and gums when you do not brush or you do it little and in a hurry, if you do not periodically use dental floss or forget about the hygiene of this area.

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People with certain genetic profiles or degenerative autoimmune diseases are more likely to suffer from these disorders.

Systemic diseases

They are injuries that affect all your systems, which causes lack of blood flow to the gums, lowering of defenses due to immunological problems or greater difficulty in healing. An example of this type of diseases would be diabetes.

The use of certain medications

Antihistamines used for allergy or asthma, for example, are responsible for increasing dry mouth, while contraceptives are responsible for gum inflammation. Another example would be inhalers, which produce sores on gums. Anti-inflammatories, on the other hand, can cause gum bleeding.


In periodontal diseases, you can suffer this pain. Among the most common symptoms of gum pain we would highlight:

Halitosis or constant bad breath

Even after brushing your teeth, the bad smell reappears within a few minutes. It improves slightly with washes and rinses and worsens with periods of fasting.

Inflammation of gums

An oral disease in which usually gums tend to be red.

Dental sensitivity

With habitual gum bleeding. You usually notice this symptom after brushing or eating foods, very cold or very hot.

Pain when chewing

They hurt you only because of the movement, no matter how hard the food is ingested.

Loose and sensitive teeth

The gum has retracted and the teeth oscillate, with the possibility that they will fall out. You see them longer than normal and they are affected by sudden changes in temperature.


The main mission is to control the infection in the long term. While this is happening, there are several techniques you can perform at home. Some of them are listed below.

Apply cold

It can be a moist compress and put in the freezer a few minutes or any other type of method. Cold reduces gum pain.

Make rinses with hot salt water

It is very necessary at least couple of time in a day. n a cup of hot water, add two tablespoons of salt, stir and rinse without swallowing the liquid.

With clove oil rubbed into the gums

It is very common home remedy for the temporarily reduction of pain.

Analgesics or over-the-counter anesthetic agents

At any pharmacy alleviate the focus of pain completely.

Rinses with specific mouthwash

Rinse with mouthwash for the care and treated gum problems. These should be applied on a regular basis.

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